Appy Monday!

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This week’s app: Eric Carle’s My Very First App


Eric Carle’s My Very First App is the perfect beginner app as its name implies. It is essentially a matching game with different levels and topics. The easy level requires the child to swipe left or right to match up large, half screen images, and then tap to enter the answer.  The medium level and hard level are similar to a game of concentration.  On the screen are cards which the child can tap to find matching images (medium level) or like images (hard level).  Children can choose to play matching games with colors, animal homes, numbers, shapes, animal sounds and food.

Why it’s a GEM (Great Early Literacy Material):

This app grows along with your child, once they master the easy level, challenge them with medium and up.  It combines images with words and sounds, the narrator explaining what is on the screen.  A pleasant chime indicates a correct answer, when a level is completed the app says “Good work” before starting a new game.  It is definitely a playful learning app! So have fun with your child while they learn associations from many areas of their world! And who doesn’t love Eric Carle’s illustrations!?

Cost: $3.99 for iPad or iPhone

All of the apps reviewed in Appy Monday! are available on the iPads located in the Picture Book Room here at the Vernon Area Public Library!

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