Kohl Children’s Museum – Storyland Exhibit!

Storyland Intro

The Illinois Lapsit Leaders Networking Group met for a tour of the Storyland exhibit at the Kohl Children’s Museum.  This amazing exhibit is temporary – it will be at the museum in Glenview through January 13th. Be sure to swing by!
Right at the front  –
Starting at birth! Help children build these six skills for reading!
The interactive sign at the entrance encourages caregivers to help their child learn words, love books, know letters, hear sounds, read everything and tell stories.

6 activities 2 6 activities

Inside Storyland books come alive allowing children to turn over-sized laminated pages, push buttons to make a tree move, play with fabric chocolate chips and walk on a snowy path indoors and hear the cold crunch. Everything in this huge space encouraged its young patrons to love books.

Chica Tree Cookie book
Snowy DaySnowy Day 2
Tuesday clock Tuesday music Tuesday Room
On your way out –
Take a picture with the cute characters from the Storyland titles!

Photo Booth

One thought on “Kohl Children’s Museum – Storyland Exhibit!

  1. Kelsey says:

    That hand is really beautiful in your first pictures. Also, was the last picture outside? Cause, if it was, I definitely ran past it to get to the warm building.

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