Appy Monday!

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This week’s app: WeeSing & Learn ABC


WeeSing & Learn ABC is a fantastic alphabet app developed by the award winning people at WeeSing – pioneers in learning through music.

Why it’s a GEM (Great Early Literacy Material):

There is so much going on with this app.  The illustrations are in bold colors making it is easy to see and navigate.  It has five different things to do.  First, is the alphabet book which the user can opt to have on Auto Play, Read to Me or Read to Myself. On Auto Play and Read to Me settings, the app will read you the sentence on each page, then sing it to you.  Second, the app will sing the alphabet song highlighting which letter is being sung.  It is slow enough that children first learning the song will be able to follow.  The third activity is Explore the ABC’s – a simple game where the child can tap to hear each letter’s sound.  The fourth activity allows the child to play the ABC song by tapping each letter along with the music.  Tap Play Along and press “GO.” Lastly, choose Explore Animals to see a picture and instrument that begins with each different letter of the alphabet – the child can tap to hear the different sounds for the instrument, animal and letter.  Try and ask your child questions as you play, especially those that will spark more than a yes or no answer.  Point out different colors, letters and say the name of the animal you see.
Remember – learning should be fun!

Cost: $2.99 for iPad or iPhone

All of the apps reviewed in Appy Monday! are available on the iPads located in the Picture Book Room here at the Vernon Area Public Library!

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