Appy Monday!

Visit littleliteracylibrarian for reviews of apps you can use with your young child!

This week’s app: Bugs and Buttons


Who would think that the strange combo of buttons and bugs could be so much fun!? No, don’t get out your can of Raid, Bugs and Buttons is a fantastic app, especially for the pre-reader!

Why it’s a GEM (Great Early Literacy Material):

With over 17 games to choose from such as “Bees-eye” or “Bug-Mazing,”  this app is sure to be a favorite for a long time.  Through game play, this app teaches counting and letters, matching and memory skills.  Requiring more than just “tap” and “swipe” motions, it helps hone children’s fine motor skills by using pinching movements and tracing actions.  There are no penalties in the games and children are rewarded with stamps for completing each level and bettering their scores.  Collect all 44 bug stamps and review your winnings in your journal.  When the app starts, click “start” for random game choice or “explore” to pick your own. This app is easy to navigate and play. So start today!

Cost: $ 2.99 for iPad or iPhone

All of the apps reviewed in Appy Monday! are available on the iPads located in the Picture Book Room here at the Vernon Area Public Library!

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