Toddler Train Station

All aboard the Library Express! Choooo Choooo!



Our little engineers were hard at work making trains they could wear! Check out more photos on Facebook!

We read:


Night Train by Stutson
Freight Train by Crews

“Choo Choo Train”
This is a choo choo train (bend elbows)
Puffing down the track (rub hands together)
Now it’s going forward (move forward, rubbing hands together)
Now it’s going back (pull arms back, rubbing hands together)
Now the bell is ringing (pretend to pull the cord – ding ding)
Now the whistle blows (hold fist near mouth and toot toot)
What a lot of noise it makes (cover ears)
Everywhere it goes. (stretch out arms)

“Down by the Station”  – (see Ms. Sue perform this tune)
Down by the station early in the morning
See the little puffer bellies all in a row
See the station master pull the little handle
Puff, puff, choo choo, off we go!

Check back this week to learn how to make your own cardboard train engine!




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