This just in: iPads for Babies

Babies AND their Parents should use iPads TOGETHER. The key word… TOGETHER, as in INTERACTIVE iPAD TIME. This is another great way for parents to be involved with their babies.  And why not? Why leave such a huge part of our children’s world out of their lives?  iPads/technology do not have to consume their play time but rather should be used to enhance the time.  And now, a doctor who previously believed that screen time was not good for children under age two rethinks his stance.  Read about it here.

Who knew? 🙂

Here at the library, we have iPads in the picture book room loaded with apps chosen specifically to enhance early literacy playtime.  We also use them in our storytime,  Blast off with Books! for twos and threes.

Please call the Youth Services Desk at 224-543-1486 for more information on program times.

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