Gobs of Giggles! (November Summary)

Giggles & Wiggles is our music and movement based program here at the library.
We sing the whole time, including our book!
So, what did we do you ask?
Who took the cookies from the cookie jar? by Bonnie Lass & Philemon Sturges
The Erie Canal by Peter Spier
Down the by the barn by Will Hillenbrand

Songs (Just a few):
What’s in my picnic basket?
(Tune: A-tisket, A-tasket)
A-tisket, a-tasket ,
I packed a picnic basket.
I’ve filled it up with food to munch,
What’s in my picnic basket?
(Note: we had a picnic basket and pulled out the different food items I packed! Kids could hardly stand waiting to see what was inside!)
From: The Big Book of Stories, Songs and Sing-Alongs (adapted)

Thanksgiving Song!
(Tune: Row, row, row your boat)

Show, show, show your thanks,
In a special way,
Celebrate, celebrate, celebrate, celebrate
On Thanksgiving Day!

Show, show, show your thanks,
Let your thanks include
Family, family, family, family
For your clothes and food!

Show, show, show your thanks,
Thanks to all your friends.
On friendship, friendship, friendship, friendship,
Everyone depends!

Show, show, show your thanks
As in Pilgrim days.
On Thanksgiving show your thanks
In many, many ways!
From: 50 Thematic Songs Sung to your Favorite Tunes

Hope you enjoyed this short synopsis! A new session of Giggles & Wiggles kicks off next week, starting December 3rd at 9:30am!

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