True Story

I was having a conversation with a mother earlier this week.  She told me that she read, spoke and sang to her son while he was in her womb. I’m not a mother, so I’m not sure this is commonplace (feel free to chime in on this).  She then shared that when he was born, when she spoke, he would always look at her.  She read the same old book to him too and she and her husband would change the tune and words to make it interesting to them still. This baby is now a grown up young man.  He plays an instrument.  He is athletic.  He likes baked goods.  He is successful in school and doesn’t drive his mother too crazy.  People, I just have to say how much I love the part of this true story when the mother told me that she did all of these early literacy activities with her son and he looked at her when she talked after he was born.  How great is that?! Is it just me, or does it go to show…  recite-11402--402312205-1sog1ig

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