Playful Crafters: Musical Shakers

This post is part three of my Playful Crafters series. This summer, I did a three-part-art for toddlers (15-24 months) program at the library.

For this session, we made two different musical shakers!

Supplies for the handled egg shakers
– Plastic fillable Easter eggs
-Spoons with a hollow groove in the handle (I purchased mine at Walmart) – 2 for each shaker
-Ribbon (3 for each shaker)
-Washi tape or decorative masking tape

Supplies for the tambourines
-Colorful plastic plates
-Twist ties
-Small jingle bells
-Stickers to decorate
-Single hole punch

The Nitty-Gritty Details of the Craft
The only prep I did for this craft was making little baggies for each child of the 4 bells, 4 twist ties, and stickers that they would need for their tambourine. Everything else I let them choose the day of.  I was not able to punch holes in the plates before the day of the craft either – they won’t line up for the twist ties if you do it before. So, I just punched them as the kids were decorating, it gave me the chance to walk around and talk to everyone. 

Instructions for the handled egg shakers:
1. Using the scoop provided, add a small amount of rice to the fillable Easter egg, snap shut and add a small amount of tape to secure.
2. Tie ribbon onto one tip of one of the spoons, inserting the ribbon through the hold in the end of the spoon to ensure it will not come off with shaking or pulling.
3. Place the bowl of the spoons on either side of the egg, hold in place with one hand.
4. Begin wrapping the two spoons at the tip of the handles, with the egg in the bowl of the spoons.
5. Continue wrapping until the entire spoons and egg are completely covered and a good grip is formed.

Instructions for the tambourines:
1. Decorate two plates on outside (non-eating surface) with stickers.
2. Insert twist ties through loop on jingle bells, and twist to secure, leaving tails for attachment to plate.
3. Line up plates, decorated side out and punch 5 holes.
4. Insert twist ties with bells already attached in 4 of the holes and twist tie to plate.
5. Tie 3 ribbons into the last remaining hole for a bit of flair!


It is ever so fun to give kids things to take home that make noise!

To see the complete album of adorable Musical Shakers pics, visit our Flickr page. And that completes my Playful Crafters series! Stay tuned, I’m doing it again in January! YAY!

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