Storytime Formats

For Blast off with Books, I generally follow this format:

What’s our theme? (and any announcements)
Today’s Sign Language Element
Opening – “Hi, hello and how are you?”
Flannelboard + Rhyme
Play Song (to get them de-wiggled and ready for iPad focus)
iPad Time
Song + Shakers – “We shake our eggs together”
Closing Song – “We’ve had some fun”

This isn’t a hard and fast format, I do like to sometimes so more rhymes than songs and vice versa.  I usually read between 2-3 books.  

For Rhythm & Rhyme Laptime, I try to alternate rhymes, songs, tickles and bounces.  We read only one book – a board book that I have multiple copies of so that caregivers can help the baby hold the book and let them feel how it works.

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