National Poetry Month – Day 14

Fish by Mary Ann Hoberman Look at them flit Lickety-split Wiggling Swiggling Swerving Curving Hurrying Scurrying Chasing Racing Whizzing Whisking Flying Frisking Tearing around With a leap and a bound But none of them making the tiniest                                               tiniest                                                  tiniest                                                     tiniest                                                        tiniest                                                           sound From The Llama Who Had No Pajama: 100 Favorite Poems which Mary Ann, … Continue reading National Poetry Month – Day 14

National Poetry Month – Day 11

Paper Birch by Douglas Florian Paper birch. White birch. Canoe birch too Beautiful Native Tree to view. Smooth white birch bark Grows where it's cold. Paper birrrrrrrrrrrrrrch: A sight to behold. From Poetrees. Another great poem about birch trees is Birches by Robert Frost.  It's a long one so check it out here.