Books with Beat – This Old Band

Singing books to children adds a whole dimension to the book - it makes it new! Not only could it be simply read before, but now it has beat! This week's featured *Books with Beat* is This Old Band by Tamera Will Wissinger.  Set to the tune of This Old couldn't be more silly.

National Poetry Month – Day 30

I send you flying in the air, warm wind whistling through your hair; you're jumping, jouncing, all around; somersaulting, then you're down, bouncing hard on your behind - but it's such fun, you don't much mind. From When Riddles Come Rumbling: Poems to Ponder by Rebecca Kai Dotlich

National Poetry Month – Day 29

Is he Izzy, Ozzy? by Lou Brooks He's Izzy, isn't he, Ozzy? Izzy oddly says he is, No, I'm Ozzy, Ozzy Iddley, the name of Izzy Oddley's his. Izzy's Ozzy and vice verse-a, And to make the matter worse-a, 'Tis the answer in an Izzy Oddley-Ozzy Iddley quiz. From Twimericks: The book of tongue-twisting limericks.

National Poetry Month – Day 14

Fish by Mary Ann Hoberman Look at them flit Lickety-split Wiggling Swiggling Swerving Curving Hurrying Scurrying Chasing Racing Whizzing Whisking Flying Frisking Tearing around With a leap and a bound But none of them making the tiniest                                               tiniest                                                  tiniest                                                     tiniest                                                        tiniest                                                           sound From The Llama Who Had No Pajama: 100 Favorite Poems which Mary Ann, … Continue reading National Poetry Month – Day 14